1. The word “Library” is derived from Latin word Libber meaning a book.
        2. Library means a Collection of books & other Literary materials kept for reading, Study and Consultation

        School Library

        1. The School Library is at the base of Academic Library System.
        2. The School Library aims towards fulfilling the purpose of school education.
        3. School Library is considered as the cradle of intellectual conditioning of the child.

        Functions of School Library

        1. Service Agency.
        2. A Teaching Agency- positive, active and teaching function. Its function is to achieve the general objective of education.
        3. A Resource Center- It collects and provides book, A-V materials, periodicals, map and Atlases for the needs of students and teachers.
        4. A Knowledge dissemination centre, and
        5. It promotes effective use of reading materials. It encourages use of reading materials by students and teachers.
        6. Provide for recreating, reading and make provision for library hours in the School teaching programmers.

        Library Location

        1. The Prestigious building which now houses Army School, Mhow has a glorious past. This 1880 vintage building bears the serial number BMH-1.The British Military Hospital at Mhow functioned from here. Sometimes during the Second World War, a separate Indian Military Hospital was raised which is now the MH, Mhow.
        2. The BMH-1 was reappropriated for the Army Public School .APSM is being managed by the MCTE .So BMH-1 is very much, a part of MCTE
        3. The School Library Location is very good. APSL should be located near the Sr/Jr. Sections Class-Rooms and Principal Office.